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Emergency vet can save your pet’s life

Most people understand the basic concepts of first aid when a fellow person is injured, and can provide assistance if the need is not too severe. When a health or life emergency involves a beloved pet, however, people tend to be lost on what to do to help. There are several simple first aid tips… read more

Professional pet grooming

There are two things that a pet dreads above all others – trips to the vet and bathtime. And a pet who does not prefer water can make things difficult for a dedicated owner wanting to make sure they stay clean. If your pet has long fur or needs their teeth cleaned as well, the… read more

An exotic choice for vet clinic

Most people who are attuned to the normal behavior of their pets can tell when something is not right. Their dog will not want to play fetch for as long, or the cat refuses her favorite treat. Pet owners know that when something is not right with their dog or cat, they have many options… read more

Choosing the best veterinarian

It can be a tough decision when choosing between vet clinics for your furry friend. You want ¬†somewhere friendly, safe, and affordable. You want a clinic that is up-to-date on the latest practices and techniques, and has the current technology to help your pet with whatever ails them. Country Club Vet Clinic was started in… read more