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Vet clinic in all types of services

Summer can be a difficult time for some pets. The hot sun means that any pet spending time outside is subjected to higher temperatures and faces hyperthermia. Keeping pets cool is an important step in responsible pet ownership, and there are many things owners can do to help. If the temperature rises, bring pets indoors… read more

Visiting a Lake Charles veterinarian for teeth cleaning

Pet dental health is often over-looked by most owners when they think of taking care of their pet. Dogs and cats get fed and watered, brushed, and walked, but a lot of times people don’t think to brush their teeth. Over time, your pet’s teeth could require special attention. Tartar build-up, infection, or fractured teeth… read more

Exotic pet vet treats your unusual critter

Owning an exotic pet can be an exciting experience and bring years of rewarding friendship. However, an exotic animal such as a lizard, ferret, or bird requires more specialized care and knowledge than dogs and cats. It is important to be well-informed about the care and health of your pet before purchasing. Since animals cannot… read more