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Expert pet grooming in Lake Charles

Keeping your pet healthy is more than just a vet check-up, shots, and walks. Proper grooming will keep your pet clean and free of potential skin issues, and you can get professional pet grooming in Lake Charles. Country Club Vet Clinic offers many different kinds of services designed to keep your pet healthy inside and… read more

Lake Charles vet for all pets

For some people, pets mean lizards, snakes, birds, or other exotic animals. Aside from the usual dog or cat, Country Club Vet Clinic has technicians trained in a variety of exotic pets as well. When your furry friend isn’t so furry, visit this Lake Charles vet for all health needs.… read more

Vet hospital is there for all pets

Knowing that 24 hour care for pets is available can be a great comfort to owners of all kinds of pets. Country Club Vet Clinic has expertise with dogs, cats, small pets, and exotic pets, giving owners the confidence that their pet will be well taken care of. In the event of an emergency, their… read more

Vet clinic in serving pets first

The number one focus of veterinarians should always be the health and safety of the pet involved. This is a value that Country Club Vet Clinic holds to with its many available services. This vet clinic in Lake Charles offers examinations, dentistry, boarding, exotic pet care, and more.… read more

Exotic pet vet treats your menagerie

Most peoples’ idea of a household pet is usually a dog or cat, with maybe the occasional rabbit or bird. Most veterinarians will treat these animals with familiarity and have no issues, but what about the more exotic pets? Beyond birds, people also keep ferrets, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, fish, turtles, rats, and many more… read more