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Looking for a proven and talented┬álake charles vet? Well, look no further than us here at Country Club Veterinary Clinic. We offer extensive and affordable services that are unrivaled.… read more

Lake Charles vet for all pets

For some people, pets mean lizards, snakes, birds, or other exotic animals. Aside from the usual dog or cat, Country Club Vet Clinic has technicians trained in a variety of exotic pets as well. When your furry friend isn’t so furry, visit this Lake Charles vet for all health needs.… read more

Lake Charles vet helps exotic pets too

There are millions of cats and dogs in America that are beloved family pets, and their owners would do anything to keep them safe. Fortunately, there are many experienced veterinarians and pet hospitals throughout the country that are available to help with a pet’s needs. However, some people have pets that are a little more… read more